Learn about the best ways to instruct on theory and practical skills. Then put your studies to the test as you student teach in all levels of instruction.

If you’re already licensed in Esthetics or Cosmetology and looking to share your knowledge with the next generation of beauty and spa professionals, our Teacher Training program is the place for you.


Qualified instructors are always in high demand. Whether you attended Metro or another beauty school for your chosen field, we know Metro’s teacher training program can show you how to become a leader and an inspiration to new students.

Not only does Metro Beauty Academy offer beginning professionals the tools to succeed in their desired cosmetology or esthetics field, but we strive to act as an advocate for current practicing professionals to further their education through our teacher’s program.

Future teaching professionals will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to guide their students into a fulfilling career. By working alongside an experienced professional cosmetology or esthetics teacher, you will benefit from hands-on training.

Metro Beauty Academy encourages you to explore an opportunity to teach tomorrow’s talent. This is where it begins.


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